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A Healing Retreat

At our sacred stays, we hold space for a variety of healing workshops, trainings, and community oriented conversations to uplift you into your higher self. 

These sacred gatherings ignite the Shakti energy within, giving you all the tools you need to be the Sacred Creator of your own reality! We use traditional healing modalities and practices to ignite your own divinity. 

Through the use of Reiki energy, Violet Flame, Crystal Healing, Herbal Medicine, and Yoga we create a revolutionary vacation that will empower you for lifetimes to come! 

Within our sacred retreats we seek to heal authentically, and empower one another through respect and honor. We choose to love one another in the most nurturing way to create a sacred healing circle that caters to everyone own unique healing journey. 

The Heart and Soul Healing Retreat

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Such an amazing retreat with beautiful humans. This trip really helped me be ME and express myself. We were all together in harmony and had space to really heal. Taraney and Andrea are AMAZING at what they do and teach. This trip really grounded me and connected me to spirit. It was all, if not more than I imagined! Highly recommend if you feel called!

Miranda Maness


The Shakti Medicine Retreat was the most beautiful sisterhood gathering I have experienced! It was so magical to be surrounded my nature and likeminded powerful women. The atmosphere was so safe for expression and healing - pure connections were made. I feel inspired, transformed, and reconnected to Spirit! I am home and already miss all my soul sisters!

Tatiana Schallert


This was one of the most magical experiences ever! Lots of bonding and healing time! Experiencing true pure and genuine sisterhood. You get to be you, no judgement, just healing!

Maheen Sandhu