15 Benefits of Going to a Spiritual Retreat

Finding your soul family

When your attend a healing retreat, it is no doubt that you will be meeting like minded people. Every single person who comes to our retreats is always exactly where they need to be. Connecting, healing, and learning with others is an unforgettable experience. At a healing retreat you will form special bonds with others in the most sacred way, often friendships that last lifetimes.

Healing emotional blockages

Navigating emotions in our modern world is no easy task. Spiritual healing retreats are often a safe space for your to get deep and vulnerable with yourself. Having a healthy environment to do emotional healing is key. At a retreat, your guide, and fellow retreat goers are understanding and compassionate; making it an ideal place to feel your emotions.


Getting out of your comfort zone

Let’s be real, traveling somewhere new with people you don’t know is already quite a comfort zone leap. At a spiritual healing retreat you’re encouraged to navigate your comforts and discomforts in a heart centered way. Attending a retreat will help you expand your understanding of self, and what you can handle in this life.

A safe space to face your traumas

Well all know healing is not rainbows and butterflies. It is deep, hardcore inner work. Everyone on this planet has gone through something traumatic, and in this modern world we usually aren’t taught how to navigate them in a healthy way. At our retreat we make sure to teach you how to not only navigate trauma afterwards, but also how to cope with it in the moment. Through dedicated self healing time, intensive yoga and meditation, and even open conversations you can open yourself up to the healing you have always desired.

Self discovery

Retreats are the most ideal environment for you to explore your inner and outer world. Most guides invite you to bring a journal and will give you special prompts to write about, focus on special meditations to explore your inner landscape, and activities that teach you about your true self. Retreats teach you how much deeper you can go in your daily life, and who you really are. By attending a sacred retreat, you are showing up for yourself in the more loving way; always ready to learn and expand.

Learn new healing techniques

The world of healing is vast. There are countless of spiritual healing techniques. Each retreat leader has their own area of expertise and training! This makes it a beautiful opportunity for you to soak up new knowledge about the healing arts, and how you can heal yourself in everyday life. The goal is to learn as much as you can during the retreat and then anchor it into your life as deep as you can.


Deepens your yoga practice

Almost every healing retreat holds daily yoga. This is an excellent way to explore your flexibility and tune into the profound power of a daily movement practice. You may walk away with new favorite poses, or learning that your body can fit into a shape you never dreamed of!

Learn how to set healthy boundaries

The first thing you do at any retreat should be setting boundaries. This holds space for you to tune into what you truly need for yourself to feel at your highest. This is a key lesson that can help you through any experience or relationship in life.


Eating new food

It’s not everyday that we get to have a private chef who designs our entire menu. This makes every meal purposeful, fun, and explorative! Some retreat have vegan or vegetarian only meals which is an amazing way for guests to understand what it feels like to eat meat free food. Dietary restrictions and allergies are always a high propriety, which adds a nice way try something new.


Straightens your aura

Attending a retreat is expansive experience that makes you stronger in a multitude of ways. By devoting yourself to a spiritual practice for consecutive days, with a variety of people straightens your aura ten fold. Having a strong and healthy aura is key to feeling happy, healthy, and holy.

Exploring new areas of the world

My favorite part about retreats is getting to travel! There are retreats in almost every continent on the planet! This makes going to a retreat a perfect way to learn about different cultures, climates, and environments!

A great way to show love for yourself

One of the best things you can do for yourself is taking care of your mind, body, and spirit. By going to a spiritual healing retreat you are showing up for yourself in the most important way. Being so devoted to self exploration that you travel and invest to heal yourself is one of the most honorable acts of self love.


Builds a strong daily healing practice

Going to a retreat where you have devout time to practice spiritual healing, and being exposed to a variety of new modalities is a great way to learn what works best for you. Everyone leaves a retreat feeling renewed. The most important part is integrating these new techniques into your daily life!

Experiential learning

In today’s modern world we have millions of self help books, magazines, blogs, and even podcasts. Although it is wonderful to use these resources to expand your inner self, there is nothing like hands on learning. At a retreat you are being guided through real person to person lessons. You are going to that pace, doing that practice, and learning in the most impactful way.


Purposeful vacation

We all know that humans love holidays and vacations! The best part about taking a retreat is that its a restorative experience with a deep purpose. The lessons, people, and places you explore are unforgettable and will forever bless your heart.

We hope that this blog inspired you and increases your drive to experience a spiritual retreat! It is our passion to bring forth the most powerful sacred stays all around the world! Be sure to check out our upcoming retreats to find one that sparks your heart.

Love and Light, 

Shakti Amor