Why you should book your retreat with Shakti Amor

Why you should book your retreat with Shakti Amor Retreats
Shakti Amor Retreats are built on the foundation of spiritual growth and connection. If you are looking for transformation in your life on a deeper level, look no further! You can expect to find not only an outlet to heal in a safe space but a life changing experience that will leave you feeling renewed.
Shakti Amor Designs workshops that encourage self-discovery through vulnerability, focused meditations, and group connections. We also ignite further healing through different types of holistic practices including yoga, energy healing, conscious eating and astrology. What sets us apart from other spiritual retreats is the atmosphere we create for others to feel truly safe, accepted, and emotionally open. These factors hold the foundation for transformation to occur.
At Shakti Amor retreats, an energy of hope, universal love, and transcendence exsist. The collective intention holds a vibration of authenticy that aims to meet our higher selves. At Shakti Amor retreats we aim for our guest to leave with a deeper understanding of their soul and life purpose. This includes being able to navigate greater heights of their world using spirituality as their core. Our atmosphere accepts people from all walks of lifes, including people with different religious or political beliefs.
You should also book with us because many people leave our retreats with a deeper sense of what self-love truly is as well how to keep their vibration at a healthy level.

Shakti Amor chooses some of the best spiritual destinations in the world to host their life changing retreats. The environment for spiritual healing is an important factor for guest to connect deeper with themselves through nature and it's elements. The homes or centers that we choose to host our retreats in are always cleansed, protected and attuned before guest arrive.

Each Retreat opens up with a welcoming circle to get to know one of each other and to discuss our different boundaries that make us feel safe and at home for our time at the retreat.
Its our greatest desire and mission to host sacred stays that leave our guest feeling whole and renewed. We hope that you will consider booking your next retreat with us to expand your knowledge of spirituality and what means to truly feel good in this life.