Reiki Roots Level Two Retreat

Reiki Roots is a luxury retreat for the awakened souls who are to take the next leap into Reiki Energy Healing. This is for those who have completed Reiki One, and are ready to move onto Level 2 - Time and Distance healing.

Each guest is invited to open their hearts and take a quantum leap into their new found powers. We will be exploring the inner truths of our soul, how to do energy healing on the past, present, and future, as well as in different areas around the world, and dimensions. Our intensive Reiki Training will take place on the sacred lands of Mount Shasta at the Guru Shasta Retreat Center.

This is know as the Earth's Root & Crown Chakra, and doing energy healing here is magnetized by the earths high frequency. 

Each guest at the Reiki Roots Retreat will receive a Reiki Two activation and certification, as well as a Violet Flame blessing, and Chakra Healing activation.

This is an energy training retreat! Collectively we will explore the wonders of self-discovery and becoming an intuitive healer through yoga, sound healing, and meditation. If you would like to join, but still need your Reiki One attunement please email 

Reiki energy is an ancient healing modality that teaches us how to channel the love and light of the universe. It is a profound tool for stress relief, energy clearing, and will ignite your wellbeing. During this retreat, you will receive a Reiki 2 certification that will teach you how to send energy through distance and time, as well as offer Reiki energy healing for mental and emotional release. You will receive an energy attunement and three Reiki symbols as an initiation into the Reiki Level Two Journey.

Come to Reiki Roots to ground yourself with the earth and upgrade your life through sacred and meditative modalities.


Your Stay at Guru Shasta Retreat Center
100% Vegan Meals
Reiki Two attunement and certification 
Earthney Be Your Own Healer Reiki & Intuitive Healing Guidebook 
Healing the Past Workshops
Reiki for Manifestation Workshop 
Emotional and Mental energy healing Workshop
Sound baths
Cacao Ceremony

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