Andrea & Taraney of Shakti Amor Retreats

Shakti Amor Soul Guides

The lovely guides of Shakti Amor retreats are Taraney Vigil and Andrea Stender.


Combined, these powerful women have a divine mission on Earth to reawaken the heart of humanity. Through the healing arts of Reiki, Astrology, Yoga, and Sound Healing they blend their expertice together for a profound healing expierence.

Below are their individual bios, where you can find out all about them, and recieve contact information! 


Taraney Nicole Vigil 


Taraney is a trained Reiki practitioner and teacher who has been on the healing arts journey since she was 14 years old. Through her wild childhood she was forced to find a way to heal herself naturally. Suffering from chronic depression, crippling anxiety, and a hard upbringing lead her with no choice but to harness her own energy and balance her life holistically. Since then, she has gone on to learn a wide variety of healing modalities to not only to help herself, but also to assist others in finding themselves. As of December 2017, Taraney is a trained Reiki teacher, specializing in teaching woman how to heal their traumas with life force energy.



Since then, Taraney has gone on to become a trained 200 hour Kundalini, Hatha, and Hot Yoga teacher through Yoga Lola Studios in League City, Texas. All Shakti Amor yoga classes are led by Taraney, with a special blend of Kundalini breathing techniques and Hatha yoga principles. Independently she studies the art of Sound Healing, crystal therapy, and modern-day mysticism. 



Taraney is currently getting a BFA in Sculpture at the University of Houston with a strong focus on Art Therapy. Her mission on Earth is to create light corridors on planet Earth -whether that be from her one-of-a-kind paintings and sculptures, sacred retreats, or individual sessions. Her special areas of interest and certification bring the essence of divine feminine healing through energy work, art therapy, and playfulness. 



You can find out more on Taraney Nicole Vigil through her personal website where you can browse her paintings, online courses, and private sessions. Please feel free to reach out with any further questions! 




Together, Taraney and Andrea work in Houston, Texas under Houston Healing Circles. A meditation community focused on Sound Healing in the city. They do both donation and private events to teach people how to use astrology, yoga, and meditation to create a balanced life. 


Andrea Stender

Andrea is an astrological healer who has been studying the art of metaphysical healing since she was 17. Growing up she was always really curious and Intune with the energy around her. Her love for astrology and study of it began at the age of 8.

Traveling the world with her mother at a very young age became the catalyst for her humanitarian world view. After her and her bestfriends started their own healing business, Andrea studied for a year with a Tibetan monk and became certified in Vajra healing at age 20 and has now become an energy healer specializing in the Violet Flame and is Certified in Reiki one and two. 

Andrea has her Bachelors in Psychology from the University of Houston and is a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Andrea plans to study more in the field of Holistic health and Herbal Medicine in the coming years. Her passions include, alternative medicine, sound healing, crystal healing, hypnosis, tarot reading, numerology, astrology, and other metaphysical studies. She now works around Houston to spread consciousness and influences the collective to live their truth through the stars and the earth with her own business and her Community Houston Healing Circles. 

You can find out more about Andrea on Facebook @ Astro Holisitic Healing With Andrea



Guest Teachers  

Brittany Kate Hill

Brittany is a co-founder of wellness Community in Houston Texas. A conscious Wellness community that believes in empowering its collaborators. collaborates with various practitioners from different healing modalities, yoga instructors, meditation facilitators, acupuncturist, massage therapist, and so much more. ‘I believe change comes by consciously stepping out of crisis and limiting beliefs into your most vulnerable, powerful self, by surrounding yourself with your Tribe, and allowing your higher self & innate wisdom to guide you back onto your path. There are many tools and ways to facilitate this and that is where my medicine comes in working with the body, mind, breath and plant medicine.’

Inga the Yoga Goddess

Inga  found Yoga at a time in her life when she was in desperate need of change.  From childhood to becoming a young adulthood, she struggled with depression, weight gain, and suicidal thoughts. Being a mother that her daughters could look up to, became her biggest priority. I had to believe in myself and pull myself out of the darkness.

In 2011, Inga went to a yoga class and fell in love with the relationship yoga creates between movement and the breath. She began doing yoga every day, and combining with weightlifting, she lost 80 pounds. Inja also gained peace of mind, self-healing, and self love.
In August 2015, Inga received her 200hr teacher training through Lex Gillan, whose lineage includes the teachings of  Ram Dass. She has continued to study and since received other format training, including ButiYoga (first level and advanced), Zen Meditation, Master Reiki Healing, and more.



Vale D'leo 

Vale was raised attending retreats every summer in grade school within her catholic community. She loved being vulnerable with women going through similar life situations and healing together through love. As Vale grew with age, knowledge and understanding she was able to explore other spiritual paths. She is grateful for the Catholic community for helping her participate and volunteer to help out at retreats, but she longed for something different. Vale found her love for yoga in 2012, and became a committed student practicing daily until this day. Vale received her 200 Registered Yoga Teacher Certification in early 2019; she is certified to teach Vinyasa, Yin, Chakra and Hatha yoga. You can find her teaching in Houston, TX. She hosts energy healing workshops and helps co-host sacred women's retreats. Vale is the creator of Divine Feminine Ceremony, which is a community of powerful women who collaborate their healing powers with the world through sacred ceremonies. 

You can find Vale on her website by clicking here, or on Instagram @valedleo