Sacred Grounds Retreat

Sacred Grounds 

A Healing Retreat located in Dripping Springs, Texas; dedicated to giving our guests the tools they need to create sacred space within themselves. 

Accommodations Included 

•Delicious Chef Prepared Plant-based Meals 
•Tranquil and Nature-filled escapes as a group or by yourself
•Morning Yoga Outside On the Land
•Tea & Cacao Ceremonies
•Healing Circles to hold space for Our Initiations & our discussions on Crystal Healing & Moon Phases
•Sound Healing / Hypnotic Guided Meditation

And of course, our Fun and light-filled Workshops Below:
Sacred Tea Ceremonies, Build Your Own Rose Wand, Life Force Self Healing workshop, Build Your Own Hand Made Smudge Stick, New Moon Guided Mediation and Sound Bath Ceremony, Astrology Discussion, and a Vegan Cooking Workshop With Vale

Sacred Grounds Gallery