Sacred Sisters Ceremony

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Under the Full Moon, we will gather for a Soul Cleansing Ceremony connected by sacred sisterhood. In the light of the moon, we will cleanse and rid ourselves of all that no longer serves us. Ridding off negative habits, intentions, and self-limiting beliefs revolving around our divine feminine energy.

Through the journey of sound healing, guided meditation, smudging, and crystal healing we will dive deep into cleansing ourselves from the inside out.

We will be using a variety of herbs like sage, palo santo, and plant resins to cleanse your energy field.

We will also be doing a rose wand meditation exercise as we learn a powerful Shakti breathing technique that ignites feminine energy as well as set out intentions for the new moon.

We will then dive into the sound bath using crystal singing bowls, chimes, bells, and tuning forks.

These are tools used to align & activate our chakras with a high vibration. Once that is fluid we will transition into the guided meditation which will be centered around grounding our hearts into all that we do.

Children are welcome!

Don't forget to RSVP!

Private location in the heights area of Houston! 

Each goddess gets to take home their rose and a crystal!

Love and Peace to you all & Namaste!